As a country that is home to many multinationals and leading knowledge organisations, the Netherlands can play an important role in facing these challenges. In virtually all sectors there is a serious need for people with technical qualifications in order to work together to find solutions. Equipping young people with the skills to play their role in this emerging future is of critical importance for us all in the Netherlands.

Generation Discover is the umbrella of many initiatives to engage different audiences to excite and inspire them to consider science and technology and to think about their potential in these areas.

Together with partners we are building a community of innovators and problem solvers. We call them Generation Discover.

Generation Discover

Generation Discover aspires access for all Dutch citizens between 8 and 35 years to the opportunities science and technology offers them and society.

  • Primary schools – Generation Discover festival and bright ideas challenge
    This programme aims to spark the interest of primary school pupils about science and technology. The bright ideas challenge inspires children to come up with innovative solutions to live differently, produce differently and move differently. Already for a couple of years, may interested people visit the annual Generation Discover festival. In the last 4 years a total of 135.000 visitors have experienced science and technology through exciting workshops and inspiring shows at our festival. 
  • Secondary schools – JetNet programme
    The JetNet programme stimulates high school students to write their thesis about future energy sources. JetNet is a collaboration between the government, corporates and educational institutions. With this initiative, companies encourages the future generation to explore their career opportunities and promote paths which are most critical to society’s future.
  • Students – Shell Eco-marathon
    Shell Eco-marathon is a unique, global competition that challenges students to push the boundaries of energy efficiency on the road. There are three Shell Eco-marathon competitions held throughout the year in Asia, America and Europe. The competition provides an arena for students to test vehicles they design and build themselves. It aims to inspire young people to become scientists and engineering leaders of the future.
  • Entrepreneurs – New Energy Challenge
    Shell believes innovation and entrepreneurship can address the challenges of a growing energy demand and the need for a better, cleaner world. Therefore, Shell actively supports enterprise development and collaborates with startups and scale ups to find solutions for future energy needs. Shell in partnership with YesDelft! And Rockstart has launched a second edition of the European wide competition; the New Energy Challenge to provide opportunities to early stage startups for financial support and exclusive coaching from Shell. This challenge focuses on New Energies which will become increasingly important for future generations.